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Does my phone use bluetooth?

A: bluetooth is a world standard protocol, so long as your phone has bluetooth, you can use a bluetooth headset, bluetooth hands-free and other bluetooth phone accessories. common

Several major brands of mobile phones can go to their website to check whether their phones support bluetooth.

2. Is bluetooth headset easy to use?

A: bluetooth headsets are easy to use and are much easier to use than mobile phones. Before using the bluetooth headset, you should match your phone with your phone

Hold down the multi-function button of the headset (the instruction manual says) for a few seconds, the headphone"s indicator will turn red and blue (most earphones) and then use again

The phone searches for the bluetooth device, and the phone will show the name of the bluetooth when it is found, and then enter the matching password (usually 0000) and then press the phone to determine it

Button, the pairing process is so simple. The stereo bluetooth headphone part of the phone needs to be reconnected within the bluetooth device to be positive

Use stereo to listen to music. There are few buttons on the bluetooth headset, and most of them have only volume buttons, answer calls/hangers, so it"s easy to use

. Some stereo bluetooth ear opportunities increase the AV control key, which controls the first song and the next song.

3. How to listen to music and voice chat on a computer with a bluetooth headset

A: if your computer comes with bluetooth, turn on bluetooth and search for bluetooth. Otherwise, you"ll need a bluetooth adapter, and the adapter will work

Connect the bluetooth headset and computer with a bluetooth small software called BlueSoleil to connect to the computer. XP can automatically identify any bluetooth fit

The dispatcher does not need to drive the program, but the adapter software that XP comes with can only transfer files and not transmit audio. You must install the CD on your own

BlueSoleil is the software that transmits audio.

Bluetooth is connected, but it can"t be listened to

A: mono bluetooth headset can listen to music only when paired with a nokia phone. If you"re not using a nokia phone, you can"t use monophonic

Bluetooth listens to music;

Check the bluetooth setting and sound path to the hands-free device;

Some domestic mobile phones and shanzhai phones also need to go to the player to set up two places, and the bluetooth function is turned on in the player and in the next ear

Select the newly connected bluetooth device in the icon and click ok.

The individual domestic phone has no full stereo bluetooth module, no bluetooth listens to music function. Use bluetooth to connect to other phones to check whether the bluetooth headset is

Can be used.

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