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APT - X  hi-fi audio technology

Restore CD level sound quality, comparable to wired headphone, the feature is no buffer low delay,

the maximum decoding rate of 768kbps, make the wireless sound quality to reach CD level!

The tuner was carefully calibrated

The amazing headphone configuration and the sound tuning of the tuner make it even better

The bluetooth industry tuner has been tuned for 234 days to create a bluetooth headset!

  Shark fin design

According to the principle of triangle stability, the three points of force support, firm and the auricle,

and the earplug cap and the horn of horn to be integrated, let music and sports sharing

Portable magnet design

The design of magnetic absorption structure is designed for hanging neck

Environmental high bullet TPU wire

Using the non-oxygen copper wire core outsourcing brown shell, the wire is 5 core wire

 anti-pull, elastic and easy to wrap, can effectively guarantee the 6Kg tensile test 5 deformation!

IPX4 waterproofing grade, closely manufacturing process,

can effectively prevent from the sweat from the earphones component, enjoy sports!

CVC6.0 noise reduction mode

Use of high fidelity digital noise reduction and high sound insulation can reduce the majority of noise leakage,

so that listening to music and talking is like immersive!

  Aviation aluminum to make a breakthrough!

Adopts aviation aluminum alloy material, light quality, strength good characteristics,

hardware and shell surface is made of precision stamping forming, precision grinding

 five-axis CNC machining, closed type sand blasting, 220 #, specular oxidation treatment,

laser engraved LOGO such as technology, strictly control the each process by the qc,

ensure that the product surface processing and delicate

uniform sand surface oxidation after more wear-resisting, really achieve excellence

Type no. : S03 bluetooth headset

The sound frequency: APT - X

Blue tooth edition: Bluetooth 4.1

Main control chip: CSR 8645

Noise reduction: CVC 6.0

Support agreement: HFP/HSP/A2DP/AVRCP

System and capacity: IOS/Android/Windows

Earphone frequency response: 20hz-20khz

Blue tooth distance: > 10m

Electric pool gauge: 3.7v 80mAh * 2

Work time: about 6H

Charge time: 1.5-2h

When machine time: > 240h

La bam single yuan: 8.2 mm

Anti-water level: IPX4

Structural work energy: magnetic absorption structure

15 feet inches: 25 * 15* 28 mm

Weight: 20 g