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Ring iron headphones, wired headsets, bluetooth wired headphones

The moving iron + moving coil unit is a real good sound moving coil unit

Beryllium film: low frequency and thick/medium frequency round/high frequency width

The beryllium metal diaphragm is thin, light and elastic,

and effectively strengthens the range of high notes and bass

Unique cavity design, extended range, low distortion high frequency wide

The low frequency of the headset is stable, natural and full,

the middle frequency is round, the resolution is more delicate

Moving coil unit: beryllium diaphragm, the bass is so strong

The low frequency part USES the moving coil to complement the insufficient part of the iron,

and combines the strengths of the two monomers

The metal tone of R&B and rock is more reflected in the high-frequency iron and metal tone

Movable iron unit: the sound is exquisite and good

The sensitivity of L96 is 96dB combined with the requirement of the ear and music headphones. 

The high frequency band is not too sharp and the ear is easy to accept. Moving iron to 40KHz, 

to solve the bandwidth of music headphones, to compensate the voice segment 

and the frequency width of high frequency band, the sound is more exquisite!

The tooth-line feels good and is not easy to knot

Model number: L96

Plug type: 3.5mm-3 plug

Speaker unit: ring iron unit

32 惟 resistance resistance:

Sensitivity: 98dB @1khz

Distortion: no more than 3.0%

Frequency response: 20-40khz

Rated power: 2mW

Maximum output power: 10mW

Size: 21.50 * 14.50 mm

Weight: 21 g