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Music impact sports,powerful endurance,tone quality be on a par with thousands yuan earphone.

APT-X Hi-Fi  audio technology.

   It can make sure integrity of  voice date.

Restore CD level tone quality,being on a par with wired headset,No cushion,low latency

the highest decode rate is 768kbps, which can make the wireless tone quality restore to undamaged CD level .

Big element bass.

Using front and back tune closed type design

 Cavity is thickness,bye law and uniformity

shaking airflow will appear sound mixing duo to no airflow impact which is refraction inside . 

Tuner do much things in testing and checking,they spend more than 234 days in those things.

Surprised headset with the help of tuner day and night hard working make them much better than others . 

Bluetooth profession man take more than 234days to make one kind of comfortable and good voice.

Shark fin formula design

 On the basis of triangle stabilization,making three point to support main body,steadiness to ear bud

and also making the ear caps with ear bud together to make the music and sports much more fun.

Enjoy sports,enjoy sweat

 IPX4 water proof,precise making process

it can work well when you are doing sports and much sweat.

Portable magnet design

  Magnet design is to wear on neck and put in pocket

Import polymer cell and using protect board from Japan,

which are valid to make sure the cell powerful and safety.

CVC6.0 noise reduction

Using HI-FI figure to noise reduction and high sound insulation type shell ,

which can reduce much noise and leak sound appearance,making the listener are personally on the scene. 

 single wire control

 Headset center control with water proof design

key is made from flexible glue and hardness glue mixing to make sure the hand felling comfortable

at the same time , it can protect it from sweat which are immersing center control.

Key case use double color module injecting process,when charging , red led is breathing pattern.

Aviation Alum product bring you more surprised

 Using aviation alum alloy product,which is light and high hardness

 Hardware surface use precise punch forming,precise finish,five-axis CNC process

closed sand blast,high brightness oxidation treatment and so on process

 Every process have the profession man to control and check.

Model No.: S01


Bluetooth 4.1

Chip:CSR 8645

Noise reduction:CVC6.0


Compatible: iOS/Android/Windows

Bluetooth distance:>10mtr

Battery:80mAh*2, 3.7V

Working time:10h

Charging time:1.5-2h   

Standby Time:240h   

magnetic adsorption